Sylhet Division

Sylhet division is famous for green tea plantations and one of the more attractive parts of the country.Aside from the regional capital Sylhet which is a town of worldly ambition and religious contentment.

Anually Sylhet division produces about 58 million kg tea,more than 150 tea estates over 40,000 hectares.If you visit a tea estate,you will learn about the procsses that culminate in your morning tea cup that has the friendly town of Srimangal,in the south part of this division.The area of the northern border of this division,at the foot of the Khasia-Jaintia hills,is the tribal land.The major tribal group of the area are the Monipuri another tribal people live in Sylhet named Khasia,Pangou and Tripuria.Monipuri dance is very famous in Bangladesh.Their classical dance is very famous.

The main tourist spots are Srimangal tea garden,Lowacherra National Park,Sunamganj,Madhabkundu waterfall and Jaflong but the shirene of Hazrat Shahjal ( R: ) is very famous.

Srimangal is the tea capital of Bangladesh,you can find out all about it.This hilly area with tea estates,lemon orchards and pineapple plantations are the most enjoyable parts of the country.For miles around,tea estates form a perennially green carpet on the sloping hills.

Lowacherra National Park
Lowacherra National Park is situated around 8km east of Srimangal,local people knows it is Shaymoli.It is a wild and mysterious patch of tropical semi-evergreen forest crawling with life.Its area is about 2740 hectare protected zone.It is one of the finest wildlife venues in the country but it is also one of the easiest to visit.This forest looks like a primeval jungle,it has been greatly influenced by the activities of humans and as recently as 1920 it was managed as a timber-production plantation.The forest has been largely allowed to revert to a natural state and now government has finally got its act together and given the park firm protection,established a number of visitor walking trails and it is in the process of training up Eco-guides.

It is one of the most attractive touriat spots in Sylhet division.It is about 60km far from Sylhet town.Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and the rate beauty of rolling stones from hills.It is situated on the bank of river Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia.

Mari river comes from great Himalayas which bringing million tons of stones.Lots of wild animals live in this forest so you need to be careful to enter in the forest alone.You can see the lifestyle of tribe Khasia in Jaflong.The other tourist spots nearby Jaflong are Tamabil,Sripur and Jaintapur.

Sunamganj is approximately 70km west of Sylhet,we offer the tourist for tour this small town.From midwinter to the end of March and sometimes April migrates winter birds and residents all get together for a big party.Three haors seems to be the best for bird-watching.An overnight trip would get you into some of the most fascinating rural areas in Bangladesh.