Chittagong Division

World War 2nd Cemetery
The well preserved symbol of World War second .More than 700 soldiers from common wealth countries and Japan who died during the second World War,buried them in this Cemetry.

Ethnological Museum
It stands at Chittagong as a milestone of our national progress.This museum is recognized as one of the best-specialized museum in South-East Asia.There are 12 defferent tribes of Bangladesh and also of many tribes of Australia,India and Pakistan.

Cox's bazar
Cox's bazar is the world's largest unbroken sea beach in Chittagong divission.It is 120 km long slopping gently down to the blue water of the Bay of Bengal.It is one of the most attractive tourist spot in the world.Miles of golden sands,towering cliffs surfing waves roar conch shells,colourful pagoda,Buddhist temples and the tribal people,delightful sea food are the attractions of Cox's bazar.Many people tell it is the tourist capital of Bangladesh.The sea beach is comfortable for bathing and swimming.There is the biggest sea fish market in Bangladesh.

It is an unique Island of the coast of Cox's bazar and its area is 268 through the center of island and along the eastern coastine rises a range of low hills 300 ft high but the coast of the west and north is low-lying treat fringed by mangrove forest.In the hill of coast is built of temple of Adinath,dedicated to Shiva temple by the side on the same hill is Buddhist pagoda.

Sonadia Island
It is about 7 km from Cox's bazar and 9 of area and after visiting so many straight edged mosque.The golden pinnacles of Buddhist stupa are poetry indeed.Even the people themselves are different.

St.Martin is only small and rich coral island situated at the south east part of Bangladesh.The island is two hours drive from Cox's bazar along with a thrilling boat ride for another two hours.The natural beauty of St.Martin is very good.There is no air pollution because ricksaw and van only transport are there no car,no bus,no track in St.Martin.About 8 thousands people depends on catching fishing directly or indirectly.The water around this island is green and always invites one to join for a relaxing bath and swimming.

It is a typical Buddhist village about 10 km from Cox's Bazar.There are Buddhist monasteries,Khyangs and Pagodas containing images of Buddha in gold,bronze and other metals and also made of precious stones.
There is a interesting temple among them on the bank of river Baghkhali in Ramu.The wood carving of the Khyang is very delicate and refined.It has own charm of its own. The weavers ply their trade in open workshops and craftsman makes handmade cigars in their pagoda shaped houses.

Rangamati is the district headquarters of Rangamati hill tracks located on the western bank of emerald blue water of Kaptai Lake,one of the few artificial lakes in the world.It is a favorite holiday resort because landscape,scenic beauty,lake colourful tribes,flora and fauna,museum,homespun textile and ivory jeweleries.The most tourists attraction of Rangamati is boat cruising on the lake,visiting the life style of indigenous people,water sking,hiking or merely enjoying the nature as it is.

Bandarban is situited in Chittagong hill tracts.It is 92 km from chittagong city.It is the hometown of Bhomong chief who is the head of Mogh tribe.The Mogh tribe people are very simple and hospitable.The Murangs are famous for their music and dance.Several other tribes of great interest live in the remote areas of this district.

The hilltop town Khagra-Chari district headquarter is 112 km from Chittagong.Khagra-chari is a district in south-east of Bangladesh.It is a part of the Chittagong division and the Chittagong hill tracks.Its local name is Chengmi.Khagra-chari is also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle.Khagra-chari is the home town of the Mong Chief.It is the administrative headquarter of Khagra-chari district.It is an all weather metalloid road through green forest.Khagra-Chari abode of fascinating calm.It is an ideal spot for the tourist.