Khulna Division

Khulna division is situated in the south part of Bangladesh, its area is 22274 and the population is about 14.47 million.It has 10 districts and 28 municipalities in Khulna division.It has attractive site for tourist or visitors.The world biggest mangrove forest is found in Sundarban.Every year lot of inbound and outbound tourists are visited the world heritage Sundarban forest.There is a famous muslim historical place in Bagerhat.The muslim saint Hazrat Khanjahan Ali was lived in Bagerhat.He made a great mosque named Sixty domb mosque.Now many tourist or visitor come there to see that mosque.After death of Hazrat Khanjahan Ali, there was made a shrine of Hazrat Khanjahan Ali.There was a very large Dighi in Bagehat.There are some crocodiles in there.There are another big Dighi bisides Sixty domb mosque.

The important tourist spots in Sundarban are Karamjal, Katka, Kochikhali and Hiron poit.Hiron point has tiger,deer,monkey,crocodile,birds and natural beauty.Katka for deer,tigers,crocodiles,many kinds of birds and monkey,morning and evening song of wild fowls.Lot of expanse of grassy meadows running from katka to kachikhali provides 0pportunities for wild tracking.

Hiron Point
Hiron point is called the world heritage state.When you will visit Hiron point,you can see the dotted deers walking and running in Hiron point